New lights for Selkirk Youth Rugby Club

26th October 2012
After many years of trying Selkirk Youth Rugby club are finally getting training lights. Last Saturday saw work get under way with Youth Club committee and helpers spending most of the weekend installing the wiring etc for the new Training Lights.
Work started early on Saturday with the preparation for digging with Scott McColm on the wee digger & foreman Jake Wheelans running the show. Fiona Waldron cut the first sod as a generous donation towards the lights was made from the estate of her late husband Alan.

On Sunday the committee and volunteers started again and the digging/installation of the wiring was completed.
This weekend - Saturday 27th the poles and lights will be installed.

Fiona Waldron cuts the first sod.

Scott McColm and Jake Wheelans on site.

Area were new lights are being installed.

Watch this space for more photos