Selkirk Young Souters Rideout

19th September 2011
As part of an initiative created by the Selkirk Ex Standard Bearers Association to encourage young boys of the town to in the future become attendants. The Young Souter’s Association was created. This is a relatively new project with the boys meetings having taken place over the summer and last winter, they had there first rideout last Sunday the 18th of September with 13 youngsters taking part.
This is great as a development from the worrying situation where we have had very few coming forward to be attendants in recent years.
It also hoped it will give the youngsters and there parents a better idea of what being an Attendant is all about, and what will be expected of them if they apply to be an Attendant.
The Youngsters were joined on the ride by Ex standard Bearers Brian Rodgerson, Alasdair Craig, Douglas Gunn and Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Michael Craig
The ride followed the route of the marches for most of the way and there was an extra little stop at Tibbie tampsons grave, were Douglas Gunn gave a short account of her life. Then on to the Three Brethren for a juice and a song before heading for home.

After the Rideout the youngsters were presented with special ties by Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Michael Craig, they also enjoyed a barbecue at the Lingle farm. The Young Souters Association was also presented with a cheque by Helen Nichol and Crena Bell from the Ladies Foy group for £266 and they are to be thanked for this fantastic gift.

We would also like to express our appreciation the parents and to the children for participating in the ride and to the Ex Standard Bearer that help out on the day, A massive thanks must go to Ex Standard Bearer Alister Hogarth at the Linglee for allowing the ride to take place, and to his fellow horse hirers for bringing in horses for the rideout.

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